Certifications and Memberships

*Professional Member, APDT*

(Association of Professional Dog Trainers)

*AKC CGC Certified Evaluator*

*Certified Dog Trainer (Petco)*

*Certified Evaluator, Therapy Pets Unlimited*

About Jenny

Meet the Trainer

Positive training by jenny magill

Jenny has always felt a powerful bond with and compassion for animals. During childhood, her mother's Native American heritage and love of nature rubbed off at an early age, and she enjoyed growing up with fish, frogs, butterfly hatcheries, dogs, and a rat.

Jenny earned bachelor's degrees from Vanderbilt University in Education and History, and she spent the next five years working in PR with nonprofits
focused on poverty alleviation, child advocacy, and microfinance. In 2008, she adopted a tiny abandoned 3-week-old puppy, Dozer, and she became an active
volunteer and foster parent for a local rescue organization. She found that she had a talent successfully working with dogs with abuse histories and behavioral challenges, and her interest in dog training began to grow.

Since then, Jenny has worked at the Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago (the city's oldest and largest animal shelter); at Petco as a customer adviser and head dog trainer; and in starting and building her own training business in Chicago, Pasadena, CA, and Houston, TX. In August 2018, Jenny moved back to Pasadena, and she enjoys working with new clients and building her knowledge and experience in the Los Angeles area. In her free time, she enjoys exploring the beautiful mountain trails she missed dearly in Texas with her family and Dozer.