"Many thanks for your visit. We all enjoyed it. Booker looks forward to becoming better trained as well as smart, beautiful and charismatic."
-Joel, Maria, and Lexie
"Thank you so much for everything you have done to help us and Izzy. You have helped us create a great relationship with our pup, for which we are extremely grateful. Thank you!!!!"
-Sarah & Alex
"Thank you so much for helping us with the training of our lovely puppy Cody. The information you've shared is priceless! Keep up the great work!"
-Scott, Raquel, and Cody
"Thank you so much for training us! (And Olive, too!) We loved everything about your class and can't wait to do Level II with you!
Olive, Chet, and Michelle
"Thank you for helping me to learn to socialize! I am almost there! You were the best teacher ever!!"
-Gimpy [and Steph & Mike]
"Thank you and thanks to you we made it through training. You are a very patient and amazing teacher, really. If you ever need a testimonial or recommendation, please let me know. Six months went quickly. A skinny baby boy turned into a strong young man. Thanks, Jenny!"
-Greg & Cody

Positive training by jenny magill