Positive training by jenny magill

"Many thanks for your visit. We all enjoyed it. Booker looks forward to becoming better trained as well as smart, beautiful and charismatic."
-Joel, Maria, and Lexie
"Thank you so much for helping us with the training of our lovely puppy Cody. The information you've shared is priceless! Keep up the great work!"
-Scott, Raquel, and Cody
"Thank you and thanks to you we made it through training. You are a very patient and amazing teacher, really. If you ever need a testimonial or recommendation, please let me know. Six months went quickly. A skinny baby boy turned into a strong young man. Thanks, Jenny!"
-Greg & Cody
"Thank you so much for everything you have done to help us and Izzy. You have helped us create a great relationship with our pup, for which we are extremely grateful. Thank you!!!!"
-Sarah & Alex
"Thank you for helping me to learn to socialize! I am almost there! You were the best teacher ever!!"
-Gimpy [and Steph & Mike]
"Thank you so much for training us! (And Olive, too!) We loved everything about your class and can't wait to do Level II with you!
Olive, Chet, and Michelle